Important Information for Providers

  • Properties should be within 10 km of either the UNSW Kensington or Paddington campuses.
  • UNSW will not accept listings from properties with five or more paying residents that are not listed on the NSW Fair Trading Accommodation Register as approved Boarding Houses or Lodges.
  • UNSW may request to inspect a Listing before it is permitted to be published on the Website.
  • Provide clear, accurate and true information describing the accommodation offered. 
  • Upload at least three recent photos inside the property, showing the following:
    • bedroom
    • bathroom
    • shared space (e.g. living room or kitchen). 
  • Provide street and (if applicable) unit number. 
  • Any listings over twenty-one days will be automatically removed. If you want your listing to remain on the Study Stays service after this period period, please re-list your vacancy by using the "Edit a property" function.
  • You must ensure that any rental arrangement between you and a student complies with laws and obligations set out by the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 and Residential Tenancy Regulations 2019 or for boarding house arrangements it complies with Boarding House (Occupancy Agreement) principles. 
  • Provide student with Tenant information statement before signing a residential tenancy agreement. 
  • Provide student with landlord’s full name, address, and phone number.
  • Use the Standard Residential Tenancy Agreement or the Share Housing Agreement or Occupancy Agreement written in English. 
  • Charge no more than four weeks rent for bond and at no time should there be a 'bond' charged for utilities. 
  • Must provide a receipt for the bond and by law you are required to deposit the bond to NSW Fair Trading and provide tenant with option to use Rental Bond online. 
  • Access to this service may be terminated if we receive a complaint about you. 
  • All accommodation listings are subject to the approval by the Study Stays Administrator (which can be withheld in UNSW’s absolute discretion) and compliance with terms and conditions of use. 
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