Information for Providers

Study Stays: Off Campus Accommodation is a free service. All accommodation listings are subject to the approval by the Study Stays Administrator (which can be withheld in UNSW’s absolute discretion) and compliance with any requirements set out below.

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) reserves the right to, refuse, or without notice to you, remove any listing the University considers to be harmful, offensive, inappropriate, discriminatory or otherwise objectionable or for any reason we consider it appropriate to do so. UNSW will not accept listings from properties with five beds or more that are not listed on the NSW Fair Trading Accommodation Registeras approved Boarding Houses or Lodges.

Properties should be within 10 km of either the UNSW Kensington or Paddington campuses, however UNSW reserves the right to reject properties within this radius on a discretionary basis based on actual time of travel.

Property listings added to our database will remain for a maximum of twenty-one days. Any listings over twenty-one days old are automatically removed. If you wish your listing to remain on the Study Stays service after this twenty-one day period, please re-list your vacancy by using the "Edit a property" function.

As a provider using the Study Stays service you agree to:

Provide clear, accurate and true information describing the accommodation offered


  • Grant UNSW a non-exclusive royalty free licence to use, reproduce or modify any images or other material provided by you for the purposes of publishing the listing on our website;
  • Are responsible for the content of any listing submitted for publication on the website and must ensure that you have all necessary consents and approvals necessary for the listing to be published;
  • Agree that UNSW will not be liable to you for any loss or damage you may suffer or incur in connection with the listing of the property and any dealing with persons that contact you as a result of the property being listed on this website.

Without limiting any other rights UNSW may have, UNSW reserves the right at any time to:

  • edit the information included in a listing if it is considered inappropriate, discriminatory or offensive;
  • refuse to list any property;
  • Request to inspect a property prior to listing by UNSW staff;
  • refuse entry of a listing into the website in the event of serious prior complaint regarding the suitability of specific accommodation and/or practices undertaken by the provider;
  • remove accommodation listings that are older than twenty-one days from the website, without warning to the provider; and/or
  • take any action deemed necessary in relation to a listing which is the subject of a complaint and/or which may contravene the law or these terms and conditions.Any personal information provided to us in connection with the will be handled in accordance with UNSW’sPrivacy Policy. Please click here to view The University of New South Wales Privacy Policy.

You acknowledge that all information submitted to UNSW, except for your street number (which are collected for administrative purposes only), will be available to UNSW students and staff via the internet. Members of the public will be able to view your listing but will not have access to your contact details. UNSW accepts no responsibility for the way in which this information is used.