Frequently asked questions


My property/room has been leased. How do I archive it?

If you go into your listing you can chose ‘close’ and this will archive the advertisement and allow you to come back and relist it when you are ready

How long will my listing last for?

Listings last for 21 days and if you wish your listing to remain for longer, please re-list your vacancy by using the “Edit a property” function. 

Can I edit my listing?


Log in to view the property you want to edit and chose to either Make Changes or Close.

Any changes to the listing will be sent through to the admin team for approval.

Can I list multiple rooms?


If you have a property with multiple rooms available the system is able to list all availabilities in the one listing. Under the 'Bedrooms' section, list all the available bedrooms and their sizes.

Remember to complete how many occupants are currently in the property to give students a good idea of who is in there already.

NOTE: UNSW Study Stays will only accept listings for Boarding Houses listed on the NSW Department of Fair Trading Accommodation Register. More information can be found here.

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?

Students and providers can find the terms and conditions on our page here:



How do I list a room/property?

You will need to register as a 'Provider' For your listing to be approved you will need to provide detailed information, at least three recent photos and a clear photograph of the room and the inside of the property.

What agreement should I use?

All properties that are approved to use this service are required to use one of the following in English;